Jessica Robinson Breathes New Life into Country-Pop Genre With ‘Doing It All Wrong’

Jessica Robinson is ready to takeover the airwaves with her fresh blend of Country-Pop and her latest offering comes in the form of the toe-tapping ‘Doing It All Wrong’. Sonically this takes clear inspiration from the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Jon Bon Jovi but lyrically it’s all Country and has strong words about a romance that never blossomed.
It has a clear and smooth pop production that is overlayed with Country stylistics and hugely impressive guitar driven beat that elevate it to exciting new levels while Jessica’s strong vocal take the track into new avenues. Cassadee Pope has the same kind of vibe so fans of crossover artists will be hooked on the simplistic, transition between the pop and Country worlds that Robinson is creating with her sound.
Although thanks to the rockier vibes running throughout the chorus this track is breathing new life into the Country-Pop genre and with a severe lack of women being played on US Radio at the moment this could be the song that opens the doors for a huge breadth of female Country artists to get their music heard across the nation. It will more than likely be picked up by several radio stations thanks to its funky crossover, genre bending style that is so popular right now and this may in turn lead to bigger stations giving it a spin.
There’s no denying that Jessica Robinson is one to watch and thanks to ‘Doing It All Wrong’ which is a fun, bouncy lyric driven pop track she has given herself strong footing to really make a name for herself across the world throughout 2019.

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