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Jesse Slack – Rust: A Country Blues Pop Playlist Essential

Jesse Slack has perceptibly found the answer to keeping Country music commercially accessible with his latest single “Rust”. The genre-defying track may borrow plenty of elements from different genres, but the roots of Country Americana Blues are well and truly blossoming in Rust.

The cuttingly angular guitar tones sit alongside the winding rhythms which are more typical from the genre providing a refreshing added dynamic to the instrumentals. While the lyrics and vocals allow Rust to share reminiscences with Pop and Bluesy Pop Punk artists.

If there’s any justice in the music industry, Jesse Slack will share the same success as the likes of Taylor Swift. Because evidently, he shares the same talent when it comes to crafting sticky-sweet melodies which will stick in your throat during the build-ups.

You can listen to Jesse Slack’s latest single Rust for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Country, Rock and Pop Converge in Kylee Stone’s Hit Single “Homegrown”

Up and coming Country Pop Rock artist Kylee Stone released her latest single “Homegrown” on January 31st and made Country music more accessible than ever.

It’s easy to see that Kylee Stone could follow in the footsteps of the likes of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus after the release of Homegrown. There’s plenty of familiarities to be found in the timeless style of the track. But the distinction lies in the talent offered by Kylee Stone and her band.

No review of Homegrown would be complete without mentioning the insanely mesmeric lead guitar work. With riffs which would rival Slash’s, this emotive and soul-inspired single is taken to the next level. If any track could simultaneously appease Rock, Pop, and Country fans, it’s Homegrown.

You can check out the official music video to Kylee Stone’s latest single Homegrown for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Unshackle Yourselves from Gender Stereotypes with Stacy Gabel’s latest Country Pop Single

Stacy Gabel

Femininity is hard. I’m still not entirely sure how to do it properly. But I do know that there’s plenty of resonance to be found in Stacy Gabel’s empowering upcoming single “High Heeled Shoes”. Especially for anyone who doesn’t particularly feel like bowing to gender normativity.

With Abba-style chorus vocals and Stacy Gabel’s accessible personality injected into the conversational verses, High Heeled Shoes is a work of unforgettable Indie Pop musical theatre. The instrumental arrangement is equally as eccentric with strings and the mandolin alongside the acoustic guitar in the Cabaret-Esque soundscape.

High Heeled Shoes basically offers the same mood-boost as watching your favourite musical – just without the time commitment. Make it a playlist essential.

You’ll be able to check out Stacy Gabel’s single High Heeled Shoes from February 21st, 2020. In the meantime, you can get a taste of her uplifting approach to Country Pop by heading over to Soundcloud and checking out her earlier releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jessta James has dropped his sultriest single yet with “Inferno”

Jessta James’ latest single “Inferno” merges the rhythmic immersivity of Country with infectious melodic Pop hooks creating one of the sultriest tracks we’ve heard this year.

If the winding Bluesy guitars or the vibrantly tribal percussion doesn’t do it for you, the velvety vocal notes from Jessta James definitely will.

With each new release, the US-based breaking artist has a new brand of aural alchemy to offer. But it’s safe to say that with Inferno they’ve found a sound which comes with a massive amount of commercial appeal which the mainstream will find hard to ignore. Everything about the single is tantalisingly sweet while being simultaneously salacious.

You can check out the official music video to Jessta James’ single Inferno which premiered on November 5th for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Campbell Station – Pray for Rain: Cinematically Soulful Semi-Orchestral Country Pop

Campbell Station’s latest single “Pray for Rain” was cinematic enough to feature in the original motion picture soundtrack for “Five Women in the End”. It is also cinematic enough to make the perfect addition to your playlists if you’re always on the lookout for deeply evocative semi-orchestral Country ballads.

While Pray for Rain may be as quintessential as Pop Country ballads get, there’s also striking modernity to Campbell Station’s sound which suggests they are a powerhouse well worth putting on your radar.

The vocals didn’t just hit the dynamic notes in an aurally pleasing manner, they poured potent amounts of soul into the succinctly concordant mix which exuded plenty of emotion itself through the lamentable pulls of the violin strings and the relentlessly pensive finger-picked guitar notes.

You can check out Campbell Station’s single Pray for Rain for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Carly and Martina – 10 Years Later: Stylistically Smooth Sun-Soaked Pop

People can change a lot in ten years unless we allow our pasts to define us. Which is aptly alluded to in Carly and Martina’s latest stylistically smooth Pop single “10 Years Later”.

Expect Californian sun-soaked melodies and a chorus so catchy that it might need some persuading to leave your synapses alone. But the Chicago-based duo did much more than create just another easily ingestible earworm. They used their introspective and experience to how far you can come by not letting rejection and regret shape the future. With resonant lyrics in the verses leading up to the insanely infectious countdown in the chorus “8 crazy exes, 7 big mistakes…” 10 Years Later is a track which bleeds radio-ready resonance.

The power of the Country Pop harmonies combined with the authenticity of the sentiment behind Carly and Martina’s latest release definitely isn’t something you hear every day. Especially from 17-year-old songwriters.

You can check out Carly and Martina’s latest single 10 Years Later for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jessica Robinson Breathes New Life into Country-Pop Genre With ‘Doing It All Wrong’

Jessica Robinson is ready to takeover the airwaves with her fresh blend of Country-Pop and her latest offering comes in the form of the toe-tapping ‘Doing It All Wrong’. Sonically this takes clear inspiration from the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Jon Bon Jovi but lyrically it’s all Country and has strong words about a romance that never blossomed.
It has a clear and smooth pop production that is overlayed with Country stylistics and hugely impressive guitar driven beat that elevate it to exciting new levels while Jessica’s strong vocal take the track into new avenues. Cassadee Pope has the same kind of vibe so fans of crossover artists will be hooked on the simplistic, transition between the pop and Country worlds that Robinson is creating with her sound.
Although thanks to the rockier vibes running throughout the chorus this track is breathing new life into the Country-Pop genre and with a severe lack of women being played on US Radio at the moment this could be the song that opens the doors for a huge breadth of female Country artists to get their music heard across the nation. It will more than likely be picked up by several radio stations thanks to its funky crossover, genre bending style that is so popular right now and this may in turn lead to bigger stations giving it a spin.
There’s no denying that Jessica Robinson is one to watch and thanks to ‘Doing It All Wrong’ which is a fun, bouncy lyric driven pop track she has given herself strong footing to really make a name for herself across the world throughout 2019.

Bailey Tomkinson – Hey Ace: Rapturously Resonant Country Pop

“Hey Ace” is the title track from up and coming Country Pop singer songwriter and instrumentalist Bailey Tomkinson’s debut EP. The track is the perfect introduction to her ethereally sweet ‘girl next door’ demeanour. Hey Ace provides an instantly accessible soundscape to slip into thanks to the unflinching vocals which rest neatly against the smooth uplifting melody. The sound has been left acoustic, stripped back and pure, with minimal effect to leave an adulterated rapturously resonant aura.

At 18-years old, St Ives, Cornwall-based artist Bailey Tomkinson possesses a maturity beyond her years. It really is no surprise that she’s already become a regular feature on BBC Music Introducing

So, if you’re looking for a relatable, honest single to add to your playlists you can check out Bailey Tomkinson’s EP out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Kayla Ruby – Never Really Know Somebody: Soulfully Raw Country Pop

Every now and again, a Country Pop artist with a standout talent will emerge with timeless style and instantaneous appeal, which is exactly what we thought when we caught wind of Kayla Ruby’s single “Never Really Know Somebody”. The track has all of the infectious appeal which was carried by tracks more prominently in the 00’s, but the raw production style isn’t something you hear all too often these days. Yet, the 18-year-old Country star has stuck to her roots using bluesy rhythms and unflinching vocal power to verse the lyrics tackling the plaintive emotion of thinking you know someone only to be left with conflicting memories.

You can check out Kayla Ruby’s latest single Never Really Knew Somebody by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Binky – Get Lost: Soulfully Vibrant Country Pop

Earlier this year we were captivated by Binky’s single Jackie D, and well, she’s gone and done it again with her latest single Get Lost. Yet, it’s clear that in the three months since the London based Country Pop released her last single she’s worked even harder to perfect her sound, how far she has come in such a short time is absolutely staggering.

Instrumentally, lyrically, and vocally Get Lost is absolutely flawless, polished to perfection and as anthemic as music comes. The jangly up-vibe of the instrumental arrangements provide the perfect platform for Binky to lay down her soulfully vibrant vocals in the sun-soaked radio ready track which is Get Lost. At this point I should probably point out that the lyricism isn’t as abrasive as the title would suggest; it may well just be the feel good track of the summer. There’s a beautifully Folkish quintessence which weaves around the more traditional Country Pop style, as the track progresses you can expect infectiously catchy hooks, intricately orchestrated instrumentals and a vocal arrangement that should be enough to strike fear into the rest of the contemporary female Pop artists. In fact, if you listen carefully enough, you can probably hear Mumford and Sons audibly quaking.

You can check out Binky’s latest single Get Lost on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast