Jelani Kendall laid his soul bare with sunny indie hip-hop playlist staple, YouSaidLoveAlone

Taken from their tranquilly sublime indie hip-hop album, Bush Tea, the single, YouSaidLoveAlone, is an evocative trip through Jelani Kendall’s creatively introspective mind. After a mellow saturated-in-delay intro, the momentum seamlessly picks up in synergy with the emotion conveyed in frustration through the track that narrates the bitter-sweet ending of a relationship. For anyone experiencing the same, it is a visceral shot of vindication as Kendall pulls new meaning out of common adages.

With Afro Beat textures adding temperate accordance around the US Virgin Islands-hailing artist’s bars and beats, the downtempo standout single instrumentally drips with meditative soul while Kendall lays bare his emotions which run as hot as the sun-soaked timbres intricately weaved together.

YouSaidLoveAlone was released with the LP on December 31st; it is now available on Apple Music and YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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