Jeff Woods – Distant Lovers: Sensually Fresh R&B Rap

Indie R&B Rap artist Jeff Woods has just dropped his latest sublimely resonant latest single Distant Lovers. It even made someone as cold and nihilistic as me feel things. Which in itself is an achievement, with Wood’s sensual vocal offerings and contemporarily fresh Trap beats I wouldn’t be surprised if he saw a short ascension to the top of his game. Shining iridescently brighter than the rest of the up & coming artists in his local scene it’s no wonder that Jeff Woods is stealing the limelight with his stunning, soulful approach to the genre which infuses elements of the roots of the genre with experimentally fresh concepts. It’s safe to say the teasingly sultry vocals which were romantically penned by the Harlem, US based artist Jeff Woods had the desired effect.

You can check out Jeff Woods latest single Distant Lovers which was released May 2018 on SoundCloud now. Any fans of 90’s R&B will be in absolute heaven with this track which would be the perfect addition to your summertime playlists!

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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