Jaymar – How Love Goes: Melodically Monumental Hard-Hitting Hip Hop

Detroit based up and coming Hip Hop artist Jaymar has just dropped his latest mix which proves that even though his home town Hip Hop scene may be overcrowded his enigmatic Rap bars are more than enough to steal the limelight away from his contemporaries.

The beat to How Love Goes contains more harmony and melody than you’d ever come to expect from a Hip Hop Rap track, but Jaymar quite literally set the bar with this track which flows with the perfect amount of bounce and resonance. Jaymar’s relentless Rap delivery may mean it’s a little hard to keep up with the lyrics and allow them to really sink as you try to follow the pace that’s been set but when the beat is that perfect, a few lost lyrics is hardly the crime of the century.

You can check out Jaymar’s single How Love Goes for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud; fans of Jaymar’s dope style can look forward to the release of his mixtape later this year. I’m already impatient.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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