Jason Martin – Beggin’ Please: Charismatically Raucous Rock n’ Roll

Is there anything more aurally alchemic than the crunching reverb grinding from heavily distorted guitars? Didn’t think so. Which is exactly why the fuzzy first notes of Jason Martin’s latest single “Beggin’ Please from his upcoming album hooked me and didn’t let go until long after the single had ground to a sensuous halt. There’s a palpable urgency behind Beggin’ Please, which, you’d kind of hope for given the title, but the Nashville-based artist takes it to the next level of emotivity.

If you could imagine what the Black Keys would sound like without the commercialised polish of their music, you’d get a pretty good idea of how Jason Martin’s latest single pans out. Perhaps what I loved most about the single was the complete unpredictability of the guitar progression. The riffs and breakdowns come out of nowhere, yet you keep entrenched in the chaos of the melody in true punk style and plenty of Nashville Blues rhythm.

Beggin’ Please is just one of the sensational hits off Jason’s upcoming album “Alcatraz” which was released on October 5th. Head on over to Facebook for more info, tour dates, or grab yourself some merch.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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