Jane Doe – A Tunnel of Colours: Effervescently Melodic Alt Rock

If you like your Alt Rock drenched in reverb and resonance, you’re in for an absolute treat with Jane Doe’s latest release ‘A Tunnel of Colours’. I’ve always been firm in the belief that the best musicians hail from Manchester and Jane Doe have only confirmed that (slightly-biased) belief. Taking care of lead guitar and vocals Joe Moores creates an overwhelming amount of synergy alone, pair that against the gritty licks of the bass and the gentle drum rolls and you’ve got a psychedelically anthemic masterpiece of a track which reverberates through every inch of you as you listen to the intricate melodies seamlessly progress. It’s no wonder that the Manchester based trio’s soundscapes have seen them performing to crowds in venues such as Manchester Academy 3, although I wouldn’t say it will be long before they’re in front of arena crowds with their catchy riffs and devastatingly deep hooks.

You can check out Jane Doe’s latest single A Tunnel of Colours yourselves by heading over to Spotify now. Fair bit of warning before you hit play on the track; the guitar breakdown which draws the track to a close isn’t only jaw dropping, the rhythmically chaotic riff is enough to it there for long enough you’ll end up with lock jaw.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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