James Ghareeb Debuts New Single ‘Do It With Luv’

James Ghareeb without hesitation dives straight into a free-spirited atmosphere, his voice bright and breezy, creating a glowing vibe throughout “Do It With Luv”. The track represents a summery illusion, where the high tones contrast with the cheery beats, no matter what happens there is perpetual optimism. The reggae qualities of the melody resonates a feeling of euphoria, a focal attribute which is a recurring feature of the track.

“Do It With Luv” is a reminder of genuine happiness, a predominant factor we struggle to identify in everyday life. Ghareeb captures this insouciant sentiment with no strings attached, portraying an all or nothing perception. Although Ghareeb’s cheery vocals dominates the track, the variety of aesthetic instrumentals accompany the mood of the song flawlessly. Whilst the percussion lightly supports the radiant vibe, when Ghareeb sings, “Whatever you do you do it with luv/Wherever you go you show them your heart” there is a hidden celebration where we rejoice, and relish in how it feels to love with your heart. Ghareeb’s voice demonstrates a care-free outlook on how the world should be, rather than the way it is. And for a split second, Ghareeb recreates a fanatical vision.

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-Aly Mchugh

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