Jackson Reese – Take a Look: Perspective Shifting Hip Hop

If you’re always on the look-out for perspective-shifting Hip Hop, you may want to put the up and coming artist Jackson Reese on your radar right about now.

With the recent release of their latest EP “Soon I’ll Be Fine” the artist served up five intellectually stimulating, melodiously sweet singles, but their single “Take a Look” is undoubtedly the best introduction to their distinctive approach to Hip Hop.

With Take a Look, Jackson Reese proved that poetry and rhythmically rendered Hip Hop are pretty much two in the same. Jackson Reese also put the same amount of ingenuity and passion into the downtempo beats to create the perfect platform for their smooth Rap bars and R&B vocal harmonies in Take a Look.

You can check out Take a Look along with the rest of Jackson Reese’s EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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