If you haven’t heard of Jack Found you should definitely remember this name. Upon first listening to “Sundown” it is immediately noticeable that these guys know what they’re doing, have a very precise artistic vision and can stand out from the rest of the bands. With his unique ensemble Jack Found manages to make music which is both really fun to listen to and skilfully accomplished in arrangement and performance.

“Sundown” itself is an explosion of uptempo groove, tuneful catchy melodies, which are expressive in dynamic range, tone colour and register, a tight arrangement featuring punchy trombone lines and electronic synth sounds, and creative digital use of effects. Apart from this, the production aspect for the song is  also outstandingly well crafted. When it comes to the visual aspect, the music video is quite impressive, capturing the character of “Sundown” as well as the energy that these guys have while performing, which confirms that they are great for live concerts. Apart from having a technically brilliant and confident performance quality level these guys definitely show a clear artistic vision, which they know how to craft well, and a professional approach to music, making them a band to keep an eye out for.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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