I, Valiance: Welcome the Ragingly Heavy New Contenders to the Metal Scene

When’s the last time you checked out a track so chaotically beautiful the prelude made you smile? Can’t say it’s an all too common recurrence for myself, neither is cranking the volume up to the max to get a maximum hit of the raging aural delight. But holy fuck, the energy, the double bass pedals, the screeching winding guitars, and the guttural growling, they all come together to create one of the most high-octane metal tracks I’ve ever heard.

If you could imagine a convergence of the experimentalism of Mr Bungle and the extremism of Grindcore heavyweights such as the Berzerker, Pig Destroyer Cannibal Corpse and Nepalm Death that’s what you get with I, Valiance’s latest single ‘I the Enemy / Crave Death PT. 1’. Just as you think it couldn’t get much better, I, Valiance throw in a Hip Hop Rap segment curtesy of FLU3ENT which should be enough to show a whole bunch of SoundCloud rappers how It’s done.

You can check out the official video to I, Valiance’s single by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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