Hip-Hop Artist K.Y Releases Newest EP ‘Nothing But Truth: Part 2’

Leicester’s very own K.Y raises the bar on his newest EP “Nothing But Truth: Part 2”. K.Y’s new EP is majorly inspired by a difficult year; the EP discusses more on some of the artist’s troubling life experiences in its raw wholesomeness.

This track is flared with a flurry phrase that can vicariously unblur the lines between realism and truism with an almost ingenious effectiveness. And what this new EP is made of is a quadchromatic hue that reflects the true form of originality and creativity in its entirety.

Purportedly, from his new EP and of course from his previous work “Nothing but the truth part 1” it can be deduced that the artist has got a knack for some well-cooked up beat from various genre like hip-hop, garage and grime. The taste of K.Y’s style of music frantically leaves a footprint that points back to some urban acts such as Kano, Dizzy Rascal, Wiley, Chipmunk, with a little touch of American hip-hop sound that emanates from the likes of Eminem and Biggie Smalls.

The Artist’s approach to the song proved to be an incredibly adept strategy and an example of music with an ample magnitude. The clarity of the message becomes more crystal at the second verse of this song. K.Y’s Nothing But Truth: Part 2 was inspired by some life situations that’s laced up the strap on the heel over the past 12 months after his little brother encountered issues with the police.

Although they were tiny hiccups along the way but the antecedent of the artist gave wings to the awesomeness of the song. More so, this song is not in any way a sparse kind of hip-hop sound we’re used to but it is a dense hip-hop song from one of the creative trailblazer of the year.

Of all the cool features of this song, the resolve of the melody that’s flawlessly uptight, the background beat, the direct and clear  message in the track, and the flow of the rhymes will inspire you to stay true to your truth, and to be unique without copying or  joining the bandwagon.



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