Mission:Recovery & MIO drop new passionate new song ”Unfaithful”

Mission:Recovery aka MNR is a rapper, songwriter, singer and music producer from Pune in India. He uses aggressive rap styles and adds in drum & bass dance sound elements to accelerate the music and to accentuate his message on various important youth-centric topics. Major influences include Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Machine Gun Kelly and many more.

Unfaithful” is a sad story about abuse and the raps are alight with fire here on this well-done track. The story is sadly all too real in the world we currently live in. The beat is dark and moody, just like the song. MIO makes an important feature here and the beat turns into a drum & bass track after starting off as Hip Hop. A fabulous mix indeed.

Mission:Recovery & MIO drop ”Unfaithful” into our laps and lets hope this song brings more awareness to the unacceptable abuse of children like it was intended.

Stream this new track right here on the Spotify music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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