Hey-Zooz – Growth: Conscious Hip Hop

There is really no reason to blabber about how much impact the city of Atlanta has had on hip hop music. I mean that is history. And it’s a pretty thing to see that this legacy is alive and kicking.

Hailing from Atlanta, Hey-Zooz recently released a five-song EP called “Recovery”. The first song of which is “Growth”. It’s a song that makes your teeth grit. Production-wise is minimalistic, beautiful, mellow. Great work on the acoustic guitar lick that was sampled for the beat. Hey-Zooz’s delivery is right on the mark. He spits heartfelt bars in a smooth way however you will find no unnecessary melodrama here; you will listen to a man’s story, a brave story.

If I was to select a suitable place to be at in order to get the most from this track, that will have to be the subway, riding it back home after a long day at work.

You need to listen to this song. Listen to it on Spotify

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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