Heavy and hard: Cape Town’s Stranger of Earth scorch all doubt away on ‘Pandemic’

Stranger of Earth are back with their signature electric energy force fields that have blessed our tired souls on the hard-hitting new single ‘Pandemic‘.

Four-piece Cape Town, South Africa progressive hard rockers Stranger of Earth are a band that you hear once in your life and never ever forget. Their have a spectacular style that smashes through the fragile speakers and will thud a big dent in your bedroom walls; to certainly wake up your startled neighbors.

This is about these dark and gloomy times and how the current world is in a huge mess. Our sins have been found out and this is the liberation time when we recreate, reboot and reinvent ourselves. Some of us might of forgotten our names and what our purpose is but with these strong vocals, groovy electric bass-lines and thunderous drum melodies, your mindset will be clearer and without restrictive cobwebs.

They are a must-see when gigs open up again in the locked-down band scene in Cape Town where so many venues have been unfortunately biting the dust, due to this horrific time in the world. Whilst new bars and venues will emerge and pop up again, the motivated band have been hard at work, evolving their sound and becoming tighter as a well-oiled unit.

Stranger of Earth are so hungry and passionate on ‘Pandemic‘ and shows that their clear approach to hooks and tones is working, as they have a pure sound that gets you motivated to get up and grab that blood flow pulsating through your veins.

We live in wild times but its all made a bit easier to handle by a South African band who have a powerful sound that is world class.

Turn up the volume for this one on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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