GVosti has released her sensational EP Reaction

Artist GVosti has dropped her six-track collection ‘Reaction’ infusing that intriguing sound of Indie Pop through these sensational pieces.

Each track has its own unique sound, there is always so much powerful emotion that flows through each song really pulling you in as you listen. Using that compelling sound of the piano keys to create that soft instrumentation, adding in that lively strum on the guitar and the upbeat tap on the tambourine, to give it that more uplifting style of instrumental.

GVosti has some incredible vocal ranges, in every song she always has an overwhelming amount of emotion that pours through her voice as it takes that more brittle tone, swaying back and forth to a more low pitch tone to hitting the high notes effortlessly.

Then in the last track ‘Reaction Revised’ it takes a turn to a more remixed version of the first track ‘Revised’ giving it that more techno style, as the instrumentation gets louder and the vocals begin to cut through abruptly through the synthesized melodies, adding in a more upbeat essence.

Be sure to check out this anthology by GVosti, you won’t regret it. We can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!

Head on over to Spotify now to listen to GVosti’s EP Reaction.

Review by Karley Myall

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