Greg Tripure – Calling Out (Stars): An Expansively Raw Rock Release for the Era of Disconnection

Greg Tripure’s standout single, Calling Out (Stars), from his debut solo LP, Stranger in This World, lands like a meteor shower; it’s an anthemic cry into the void of despondency that sears its way into the soul. He may wear his Buckley influences on his vocal cords, but the rest of the track’s anatomy is entirely Tripure’s own viscerally wild creation.

For the past 20 years, Tripure has been the unsung hero in the indie touring scene,  but as the world slowed down in 2018 and Covid pushed pause on live music, Tripure retreated into the depths of his creative well and emerged with a cache of songs crafted for his own voice; Calling Out (Stars) is the fiery result of that introspection.

Recorded at 4:10 Studios in Corydon, IN, with the deft touch of Jordan Bailey, the single is a masterclass in balancing anthemics and intimacy. The production is thunderous enough to paralyse, yet the lead guitar work and Tripure’s raw, evocative vocals keep you grounded in the emotional reality of the track. Tripure sings like a man possessed, each note a plea, a whisper, a roar, pulling you into his orbit, inviting you to be equally as open with your emotions in painfully honest reflection.

Calling Out (Stars) is for the outliers, the dreamers, the ones lost in the vast landscape of modern life, searching for connection. If you’ve ever felt that ache, that yearning, prepare to feel whole when you press play.

Fans of City and Colour, Neil Young, and Jeff Buckley, take note: Greg Tripure has arrived, and with Calling Out (Stars), he’s making sure you’ll never forget it. 

The Stranger in This World LP is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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