Goth-hop meets industrial dance?

Red Vinci’s Armadillo is a curious beast and which genre you put it in, if indeed you feel the need to, depends on which thread you pull on and from which angle you approach from. The beats that drive it suggest dance, the lyrical delivery comes from a hip-hop place, the body of the song is pure electronica and the overall vibe is dark, industrial and shaded with techno-goth trappings. That’s a lot to fit in but Armadillo, from last years album The Orion Tape, does so with ease.

Genres largely go out of the window, or at least get squeezed together to make whole new ones, a the expansive nature of the music means that even with such an underground vibe it will appeal to the fringes of so many scenes. Goths will revel in its dark vibe, urban music fans will get its slick beats, alt-popsters will dig the groove and fans of EDM will find a lot to love in its slow burning rhythms. It’s probably easier to say who won’t fall for its stark, industrial electro charms…those with no imagination, that’s who.

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