Adventure Gang – Past, Present And Future All In One Musical Adventure

Trying to find the next sound is very admirable but Adventure Gang know that there is a wealth of past influence and Old School references that can help flavour your music. Put in Work is the perfect storm of modern street savvy rap and golden age hip-hop, revelling in the same sing-song staccato deliveries as the likes of De La Soul. The song is musically inventive, lyrically playful and not afraid to tell it like it is.

But the past is gone, done, behind us and though Adventure Gang clearly have a reverence for those nineties musical innovators, they are more interested in the here and now, and of course what is just around the corner. But that is the art of it, taking elements that are already  familiar and blending them with new ideas, new innovations and new sounds, often taken from outside the usual hip-hop sound palette. The best of both worlds.

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