Focal and Dutch – Dance Floor Crazy: Beastie Boys Meet Fatman Scoop.

With a title like Dance Floor Crazy, I know what you’re thinking, yet another repetitive lacklustre Trance mix. Nope. Focal and Dutch are unlike any other artistic outfit I’ve ever stumbled across, and I’m pretty sure their rhythm is like nothing you’ve ever heard before either. The Woodland Hills, CA based group strive to test the boundaries of Pop, loosely fitting into the genre with their infusion of Alt Hip Hop & Rock which translates into a sound similar to bands such as Beastie Boys, Fidlar and Wavves, but their bass heavy comedy sound is something you have to taste yourself. The lyrics to Dance Floor Crazy sound a little like what Fatman Scoop would cook up, yet the Hip Hop R&B is doused in pioneering sound which make Focal and Dutch such an enigmatic duo, with sounds that once you’ve heard, you’ll definitely keep going back for more. Thankfully every track that Focal and Dutch have put out on the soundwaves is pure genius

Broaden your horizons and check out the smash hit Dance Floor Crazy via Reverb Nation using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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