First Class Singer Nina Simone Williams Is Back In The Game

She may have once been part of 90’s girl group First Class but Nina Simone Williams is back ready to carve a career out in her own right and I Wanna Be Free is a great calling card. It mixes pop accessibility with a dance floor R&B, infectious beats with sultry break downs and is the perfect musical product for the clubland movers and shakers, DJ’s and taste makers.
The clever thing about Nina is that whilst she very much appeals to the late evening, high – octane dance groove set, she also manages to bring something new to the sound. That the song is infectious goes without saying but with its soulful break downs and wonderful use of dynamics to shift the pace and control the mood, it displays a subtle and supple quality that many of her peers lack. Put it this way, in a busy club land district of the hottest scene in town, with music blasting from the venue doorways out into the night time streets, the streets filled with the young, hip and fashionable, this song is going to be the one that draws the coolest movers and shakers to that club’s dance floor. No so much a song, more the soundtrack to a new scene just waiting to happen.

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