Fantarka – Deep Dive: Ingeniously Immersive Trance

“Deep Dive” is the incredibly apt title of the up and coming Washington-based artist Fantarka’s latest mix Deep Dive. The track kicks off with a Hardstyle prelude before evolving to a Harsh Trance mix which infuses plenty of inventively experimental effects ensuring that nothing about the progression of this track is archetypal.

Even though you aren’t able to follow the rhythm as you would in any typical Trance track, your senses are heightened as you anticipate what band of aural chaos will throw at you next. Any fans of Atari Teenage Riot will become instantly enamoured by the virile yet deftly orchestrated instrumental mix which is incredibly uplifting. For a track to be uplifting and mind-bending is quite an impressive feat, we’re already more than excited to hear where Fantarka takes their sound next.

You can check out Fantarka’s ingeniously immersive EDM track Deep Dive for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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