Ric Santos – In the Lead Works with the Beast: Darkly Dystopian Electronica

“In the Lead Works with the Beast” is the epically titled latest serving of darkwave electronica from up and coming producer Ric Santos.

Acoustic drums mix with synth as reverb fills the gaps between the beats in the instrumental track; amplifying the indulgently ominous energy which boils at the surface.

Just to make sure your disposition was well and truly affected, mid-way through the track, Ric Santos throws in a cinematic score which would be fitting on any Hitchcock film allowing the mix to progress into a horrorscape.

The producer’s earlier work is equally as mesmerising. The drum sequences paired with volatile synth and reverb in “Controlling(?) Chaos” may just be enough to make you need a cold shower. Although now I’ll be thinking about the Psycho scene in the shower. So, if you want a track which burrows right down into the dank hollows of your psyche, look no further than Ric Santos’ dread-instilled prodigal mixes.

You can check out Ric Santos’ latest mix In the Lead Works with the Beast for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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