Fancy releases Hip-Hop single Anymore

Fancy has dropped her latest piece ‘Anymore’ creating this super catchy rhythm through this fast pace Hip-Hop track.

Embracing that electronic essence through the autotuned effects that begin the song and overlap with the flow of the vocals and overall melody. The vocals are fast-paced and tend to speed up throughout, you can still hear each word fine, but the beat can tend to overpower the vocals so they do tend to get pushed back.

Fancy has a rather mellow tone to her voice, keeping the pitch the same but picking up as the melody gets quicker and louder. The elements that are portrayed throughout this piece, really pull in them similar sounds to Hip-Hop styles and Fancy adds her own twist to it.

Mixing between a more heart-pumping beat that pulses through the overall style to a lot more smooth and low-pitched and letting the flow of her Rap collide with it.

Check out Fancy’s Anymore by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

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