TT(TopTier) – SO HIGH: The euphoric pop hip hop antidote for a sick divided society

‘SO HIGH’ is the latest release from pop hip hop duo, TT(TopTier), which resonates as the antidote to a socially sick society. Yeah, protest tracks have their place, but SO HIGH shows you the value in showing people how it’s done instead of screaming at people about why they’re wrong.

After their 2020 single, ‘ENOUGH’ amassed over 500k streams on Spotify alone, it doesn’t seem like there any heights which TT(TopTier) will be unable to reach with their sticky-sweet high-vibe sound which replaces some of the love that’s been lost thanks to divisive social-political fallout.

SO HIGH is the personification of a soul-dripping earworm. So, it comes as no surprise that TT(TopTier) can garner so much hype with their contemporary sound which blazes with infectiously electric melodies.

You can check out SO HIGH for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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