Fading into The Future

Any musical genre is built on two forces. One playing by the rules, coalescing the genres traditional sounds and accepting its place in the pact, the other pushing the boundaries, testing new waters, beating fresh paths through previously uncharted territory. Antny Rome is defiantly in the latter category. Yes, Fade Now is built around a hip-hop vibe but not like any you have heard before, this is hip-hop deconstructed to its basic building blocks, the beats and the lyrics, and then put back together using a musical mortar built from trippy vibes, pulsing basses and skittering trap percussion.

Vocals wander between staccato spoken word, clipped melodic deliveries, glitched call outs and hard edged street flows, it tips a hat to 90’s old school artists whilst beating out new paths into a whole new, cool and exciting urban music future. Fade out is a track which knows exactly where it is coming from, but what is infinitely more interesting is watch where it is going. Not only is Antny Rome part of a small group of artists re-defining the genre, he is way out ahead of the pack.

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