G-RIG has dropped his latest Rap single Ride For You

Artist G-RIG has released ‘Ride For You’, showing the world of music his catchy Rap and R&B sound through his latest hit.

A compelling riff on the acoustic guitar, adding in that electronic style voice in the background as G-RIG creeps up with his insane Rap, intertwining this crazy loud melody as everything flows so perfectly in time with one and other as the rhythm pulses out behind the vocals.

The vocal ranges are kept at the same pace throughout, keeping it fairly flat and similar in a lot of aspects, having a rather raucous tone as he creates this infectious Rap, where he keeps it so that every word can be heard clearly and have this insane melody to go with it.

G-RIG sure knows how to make his Rap talent shine through in this piece, so if Rap is your thing then be sure to give this a listen.

Check out G-RIG’s Ride for You by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

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