Evolution Rather Than Revolution

Revolutions are usually too jarring to be of any real use and evolution is often too slow a process, but what Showers represents is a gentle and purposeful nudging forward of the pop package, an unhurried but deliberate direction of travel. It also represents a point where pop brushes up against and intertwines with a number of other genres, hip-hop in particular, absorbing some of their features more by osmosis than hard design.

It’s a deft blend of alt-pop, meandering urban sounds and spacious soulfulness,  it has the touch of modern commerciality, though shying away form cheap gimmicks and the fickle finger of fashion and instead weaving restraint and understatement through the more vibrant musical colours. It contains more than a dash of a minimalist neo-folk vibe, in a weird, urban not at all folk music sort of way and revels in space and atmosphere. Its as strange as it is eloquent, always a good sign.

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