“Everybody’s Weird” – The Highlands Express Why This Is True, And More, In Their New Track

The Highlands are an expressive band from Italy with a sound that is a little bit quirky, a bit more thought provoking and very intriguing. Or as they like to call it : a Radiant POP sound played by a Radiant POP Collective. Although a lot might ask what exactly that means, the title is very fitting because the music that these guys play just cannot be categorised or put under specific genre names. It is a sound that they created and mastered, a sound which is artistic yet is still able to speak to the public through catchy melodies and crunchy guitar sounds.

Their song “Everybody’s Weird,” which is taken from their album “The Bootleg Series Vol.1,” is indeed an example of the unique sound these guys are able to create. Starting off with a very ear friendly and welcoming guitar riff, the song gradually develops and evolves into a more intricate arrangement which is quite an intriguing reflection of the lyrics themselves, featuring an introspective reflection which does indeed make the listener realise that we are all a little weird in reality. Through this song and the rest of their music, The Highlands are able to bring forward an artistic vision which stands out from the rest, instilling curiosity in the listener while also providing them with a sound that is enjoyable… a Radiant POP sound.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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