Lost On A Mission: The Past float into her vision on ‘Moonstruck’ (lunar funk remix)

With a Quincy Jones and Bruce Swedien inspired feel, The Past show us that classic-feel music does indeed still exist with the new single ‘Moonstruck(lunar funk remix).

The Past is a Robbie Rosen-created project and he is a well-established American producer, keyboardist and singer-songwriter. He fuses together that eloquently enlightening music which is much deeper than most, as this is a supremely creative individual who certainly knows how to pick talent — to join him on such a wonderful single — with a freshly squeezed RnB, soul, funk, pop and nu-disco combination, which is a marvelously interwoven mixture of delectable brilliance.

The Past melded live legendary musicians into the project including John Robertson (Off the Wall, Thriller), Bashiri Johnson (Whitney Houston, George Michael, Michael Jackson), Tariq Akoni (Josh Groban), Camilo Velandia (Latin Grammys musical director), and Alex Al (Michael Jackson), while lacing it all together with the help of Grammy-winning engineers Jimmy Douglass, Gustavo Celis and Dave Kutch. Recording and engineering sessions for Moonstruck took place between mid-2020 and early 2021 at The Pasts’ recording studio- EarthSea in Boston, Massachusetts.” – The Past

This is the story of a love that has you thinking about the shooting star above, as you elevate your mind to thinking about what is actually possible when your eyes connect as one. The heart beats a bit faster and you just want to be together, so that you may stay close all night.

Moonstruck(lunar funk remix) from the American act The Past, is a quality single that has you moving and grooving like it was 2019 again. This is a classic dance floor slider that deserves lots of love, airplay and admiration, for its pure sound and smooth lyrics, that will have the candles lit for a special night.

Hear this fine new release on Soundcloud and see the vision via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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