Evan Petruzzi releases their authentically arrestive Alt Country Pop single “Warrior”

Country vocalists have always had the organic capacity to draw you into their soundscapes and allow the story contained within the lyrics to truly resonate. Evan Petruzzi’s latest single “Warrior” is definitely no exception to this rule – even with her slightly Alt take on Bluesy Country Pop.

Warrior is dark and it’s fierce, but it still contains catchy hooks and sticky sweet melodies which will leave you captivated by the atmospheric single which runs through with an Indie feel. It’s perceptible that Warrior wasn’t a track created just for the sake of putting music on the airwaves, it’s pure soulful catharsis; for the listener and the New York-basedsinger-songwriter.

With her magnetic vocal presence, the compulsion to orchestrate an instrumental arrangement that is anything but archetypal, and her commitment to speak truth through her lyrics, if any Blues Pop artist deserves to spring up from the underground in 2019, it’s Even Petruzzi.

You can check out Evan Petruzzi’s authentically arrestive single Warrior for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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