Sarah Reynolds releases their melodically striking Pop debut single “Strangers in the Dark”

“Strangers in the Dark” is the resonantly arrestive debut single from up and coming singer-songwriter, composer, and producer Sarah Reynolds. The melodically striking soundscape proves how well a single can be put together when an artist has complete control over the songwriting, performance and production process.

The UK-based artist has left the lyricism fairly simple to amplify the resonance which is now being appreciated by an international audience – there’s very little room to wonder why Sarah Reynold’s hasn’t failed to connect with her listeners and attract plenty of hype around her debut. Strangers in the Dark is poignantly captivating enough to ensure that the lyrics don’t feel like they’re scratching the surface of superficiality. Instead, Sarah Reynold’s raw and captivating talent invites you into an aural pool of candid emotion.

You can check out Sarah Reynold’s single Strangers in the Dark for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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