Ethan Peterson – Stronger: Scratching the Surface of Superficiality

Ethan Peterson is a 20-year-old Indie Pop Rock singer song-writer from Ohio who uses his unique sound to inject some passion and meaning back into the music scene and rise above the superficiality that now plagues every genre known to man. His songs translate into narrative stories through his intricate offerings of human emotion.

His latest track Stronger is an ode the anxiety that makes his life so subjectively dark where he’s waging wars upon himself. I mean, anxiety is so common place, yet when was the last time you heard someone create a song about it apart from Eddie Vedder’s sweet rendition of Society? This track grips you like a vice & doesn’t let go, until long after the music has faded out, I don’t think there has been such a composition in sincerity fused with empowerment in recent years. The track progresses from almost acoustic minimalism into an uproar of unedited passion and feeling in the chorus.

Stronger was released on 3/01/2018 as Peterson’s debut track, check out Ethan Peterson’s track Stronger on SoundCloud using the link below:

Keep up to date with Peterson’s latest musical ventures by following him on Facebook:

– Amelia Vandergast

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