Alt Indie Pop Artist SELKI. Drops Her Latest Single “BREATHE”

Melbourne based up and coming Electronica artist SELKI. may have left a fair enough gap between her releases since her 2017 release and their new single “BREATHE”. But it is evident that SELKI. has been taking the time to mature her unique brand of immersive Pop without leaving the raw Indie feel of her singles behind.

It isn’t all too often that you feel that you are able to truly make a connection with a Techno House Pop track, yet, SELKI. has made sure that there’s enough space in BREATHE for massive dance rhythms, groovy bass lines, and lyrical depth. BREATHE was inspired by the pain felt when moving forward, which should be a positive experience, but the track alludes to just how hard it can be. The repetition of “just breathe in” almost becomes a mantra throughout the single proving that there is a right way to utilise repetition within EDM.

You can check out BREATHE for yourselves, head on over to SoundCloud and also check out her earlier releases.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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