EmoTripPop Pioneer ANGELLIKEFIRE has Released Their Latest Single “HaLLoWWHoLE (Beautiful Bone Deep)”


“HaLLoWWHoLE (Beautiful Bone Deep)” is the latest bass-driven caustic treat from the aural pioneer ANGELLIKEFIRE.

As the creator of the EmoTripPop genre, ANGELLIKEFIRE made plenty of waves with their reverberant riptides of bass. The chilling tonality of the symphonic single is artfully captivating while the EDM beats are synapse rearrangingly frenzied. It’s ominous, it’s fierce, and it allows you to appreciate the full extent of ANGELLIKEFIRE’s ingenuity.

If you could imagine what Bjork would have sounded like if they experimented with Dubstep, you’d get a fairly good idea of what HaLLoWWHoLE has to offer. Although you’ve really never heard anything quite like this before.

You can check out HaLLoWWHoLE for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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