Emotional Connection Amplifies the Sultry Chemistry in Keldamuzik’s single, Mind Sex, ft Kafani & Mika

Keldamuzik (AKA Kelda Williams) is taking over the entertainment industry with her hip-hop hits, TV hosting and acting career; her talents notably know few bounds, and her iconic hit, Mind Sex, more than proves she’s the queen of all trades.

The single, created in collaboration with the featuring artists Kafani & Mika, salaciously tips the balance towards soul while never turning down the heat to a simmer; her red hot vocal lines scorch through the jazzy RnB hip-hop instrumentals while the lyrics narrate soft sensuality into lascivious empowerment.

Cardi B could notably learn a thing or two from this testament to how sexual friction always tastes sweeter when there’s an emotional connection stirring the passion. If you’re not turned on by the outro, you might want to hold a memorial for your libido.

Check out the official music video for Mind Sex via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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