Dom Vaccarelli’s Just Dropped the Darkest Trap Mix of the Year, Excited?

Conflict is perhaps one of the most grounding Trap mixes I’ve ever heard, with the amount of Trap that’s bouncing around the soundwaves these days, that’s no easy feat. Yet, with his latest single Dom Vaccarelli created a track as resounding as Stan by Eminem, and that’s not something I can say that I hear every day. The poignant lyricism is only part of the depth in Conflict; through Dom’s delivery you can hear the agonised passion that he threw into the mix with this track with his rhythmic bars. It may be relatively short and sweet at only 2:47 minutes long, but God damn, it stays with you. There are so many mic drop moments contained within the track, the brevity of the sentiment contained within the lyrics hits you like a tonne of bricks. Whilst there are no shortage of tracks pointing out the disparity in the modern world, I have to say that no one does it quite as succinctly as Dom Vaccarelli. The beat has a tentative, deep flow thanks to the resonance of the keys around the trickling and snare of the 808 beats.

You can check out Dom Vaccarelli’s latest single from his album ‘Dark Matter’ on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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