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Yung Catboii – LONG TIME: Viral-Worthy Dark Trap

With so many up and coming Trap artists battling for recognition in the clouded SoundCloud pool, it can be hard for the visionary artists to stand out. Yet, Yung Catboii certainly didn’t struggle with his latest single “LONG TIME” which dropped on December 27th with a little help from producer IMMORTAL. Yet, when a track is so resonant, open, and reflective of the artist’s journey through escapism and apathy the magic was already there.

There’s no disputing that LONG TIME is a dark track, and Trap artists have been under fire recently for making their tracks about getting wasted – yet, is there any more poignant depiction of our modern reality? N.W.A versed about police brutality, but for contemporary artists who are trying to shift the existential dread there’s no more apt subject to write about.

You can check out the official music video to Yung Catboii’s latest single LONG TIME for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Pedro P – Darkhaart 1.0: Ahead of the Curve Dark Trap

Up and coming Trap artist Pedro P has recently released his 2018 EP ‘Darkhaart 1.0’ following the release of his debut album ‘The Warm Up’. It’s safe to say he definitely has warmed up after his first release, his style is bang on trend and won’t fail to hook fans who favour the vibe of excess vocal effects over a dark and tormented beat. There’s an electric energy to each of the tracks on the four tracks on the EP. Yet amongst the heavy reverb on the vocals in the bridge, Pedro P still shines through with commandingly fluid Grime Rap bars to allow the full weight of the tracks to hit you. The progressive style of the tracks remains as a constant throughout the EP which sits at the perfect pace for you to vibe out to.

You can check out Pedro P’s latest EP Darkhaart 1.0 for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Zak the Tyrant – Zeus: A Debut of Dark Trap

Whilst everyone has kept themselves pretty busy investing in the beef between MGK and Eminem over recent weeks they may have missed the debut drop “Zeus” from Zak the Tyrant. With Rap bars just as relentless as the media-grabbing stars, it’s almost impossible not to imagine Zak ascending the ranks.

There was plenty of progression in the haunting Trap-driven mix. Every switch up in the beat was perfectly matched with Zak’s ability to verse with the ultimate command over meter and rhyme. Yet the more stripped back down-tempo bars allowed the lyrics to Zeus to truly resonate. Lyrically, Zak stayed away with the crass archetypal Hip Hop swag. Instead he laced plenty of sentiment into Zeus which made him a triple threat to other emerging Rap artists with his playfully domineering bars, dark beats and lyrics all locked down.

What more can you expect from an up and coming artist’s first single?

You can check out Zak the Tyrant’s single Zeus for yourself by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dom Vaccarelli’s Just Dropped the Darkest Trap Mix of the Year, Excited?

Conflict is perhaps one of the most grounding Trap mixes I’ve ever heard, with the amount of Trap that’s bouncing around the soundwaves these days, that’s no easy feat. Yet, with his latest single Dom Vaccarelli created a track as resounding as Stan by Eminem, and that’s not something I can say that I hear every day. The poignant lyricism is only part of the depth in Conflict; through Dom’s delivery you can hear the agonised passion that he threw into the mix with this track with his rhythmic bars. It may be relatively short and sweet at only 2:47 minutes long, but God damn, it stays with you. There are so many mic drop moments contained within the track, the brevity of the sentiment contained within the lyrics hits you like a tonne of bricks. Whilst there are no shortage of tracks pointing out the disparity in the modern world, I have to say that no one does it quite as succinctly as Dom Vaccarelli. The beat has a tentative, deep flow thanks to the resonance of the keys around the trickling and snare of the 808 beats.

You can check out Dom Vaccarelli’s latest single from his album ‘Dark Matter’ on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


LeX – THROUGH. THE. ROUGH.: Lyrically Inspired, Aurally on Fire Dark Trap

LeX teamed up with fellow Rap sensation Mugen! The Human and producer 4k to create a delightfully genius orchestration of gritty alternative Hip Hop. Finding a pioneering sound in Rap has been like finding a needle in a haystack this year, it’s safe to say I was stoked to hear Lex has mixed it up with his angstily fresh new hit ‘THROUGH. THE. ROUGH’. The lyrics to the track flow like poetry, just quite angry poetry which in my not so humble opinion is the best kind. The tempo may only be in the mid-range, but the momentum of THROUGH. THE. ROOF. Is absolutely hyped thanks to LeX ad Mugen dropping some of the slickest, feverish bars that I’ve heard this year. Lex refrained from using the typical Trap beats that you’re all sick of hearing by incorporating a creeping haunted effect over the 808 mix. The snares and trickles are still audible, but the resonant effect allows the Rap bars to hit you even harder. I feel bruised.

If you like your Trap dark, or just want to ingest some fresh new Hip Hop beats; you can check out LeX’s latest track THROUGH. THE. ROUGH. Ft. Mugen! the Human on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jack Hodges Releases Alternative Pop Track “Strange Feelings”

“Strange Feelings” is a new and exciting single release from singer and songwriter Jack Hodges. The song immediately stands out for its lush, driven and direct textures. The snare sound in particular, is absolutely massive, as if it was echoing from deep down the bottom of a cave. I love the dark, haunting vibes of this track and Jack does a really great job at keeping up with the melodies and textures of this track with his laid-back and on-point vocal performance.

On this track, Jack reminds me of talented artists such as Frank Ocean or D’Angelo, combining unique textures with some stunning sonic ideas. The production value of this single is definitely worth mentioning. The track is absolutely world-class and the mix is balanced and masterfully executed.

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