Deaf Radio – Animals: Politically Conscious Indie Rock

“Our new record talks about the inability of self-definition in this era of innumerable information and contradictory messages” is what Deaf Radio’s new album called “Modern Panic” is about, according to them. They come from Athens, Greece and they did a music video for their song “Animals”.

Deaf Radio’s sound is where modern rock and indie rock meet. In other words, the idea is not so much about artistic innovation but more about social commentary & crude expression. I have watched them performing a couple of time during the last couple of years,  both times I found them to be decent enough with the exception of their vocals; I felt like they needed to work on that part. In “Animals” I do view the improvement that I was hoping for and I’m all for it. The guitar riffs and the drum breaks are nothing to write home about, they are nice but like we said this band doesn’t seem to be about bringing something new to the table. Sonically,  at least.

That being said, “Animals” is a pleasant song that comes with an unsettling music video that you need to watch. Hats off to the band for releasing this piece. Watch it here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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