Magh – Momento: R&B EDM So Fluid It Practically Drips

It’s not all that often that an Urban Pop artist drops a beat as seamless and virile as Momento; with a style like that it’s hard to see how the prodigal up and coming Hip Hop Pop artist MAGH could stay on the underground. The beat never even comes close to repetitive, it’s alive, it’s raw and it’s probably the best track to squeeze onto your summertime playlists.

MAGH has created Hip Hop R&B EDM track that is so fresh it practically drips thanks to the piercing popping of the fluid beat progression. That all seems like ridiculously high praise, but encapsulating his pumped-up sound created in Momento is almost impossible, it should come as no surprise that he Columbian born artist has making people feel good as his main motivation for creating such awesomely succinct euphoric beats. I’d say he’s absolutely cracked it with Momento his first ever solo release which dropped on May 13th, 2018. I’m now practically dying for an album

You can check out MAGH’s track Momento and soak up the devilishly blissful vibes by heading on over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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