A//lara’s Back with Another Stunningly Melodic Art Rock EP

A//lara is back, and if the music buying/streaming population have any sense at all, they will be as excited as me about their return.

The prelude track to the EP is a blindingly chaotic mix of synergistically fused instrumentals which set the tone for the rest of the EP. With the second track your led into an intricately paced acoustic guitar track which proves that A//lara doesn’t just hold command over chaos, instead, they’re more than capable of creative a sweetly pensive, romantic acoustic track which is packed full of melody. The slightly extended track is an absolute pleasure to get lost within, especially when you get to the concluding chorus and really start to share in the melancholy with the sickeningly talented guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. With track 3, the acoustic is once against matched with digital resonance to create an overwhelmingly reverberant Shoegaze style track which is laced with layers of synth. Then we have my standout favourite track on the EP ‘Molly’ where A//lara’s experimental style really starts to prove itself in all it’s polyphonic glory, until the acoustic guitars kick in that is. The narratively melancholic lyrics in this track hit me the hardest whilst I found reminiscence to bands such as Fidlar, Wavves, and Neutral Milk Hotel.

You can check out A//lara’s latest 4-track EP ‘Ruiner’ over on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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