Danila – Supernova: Supernova Goes EDM Pop

Had enough new EDM Pop drops this year? No? Neither have I, and Danila may have just released an absolute game changer with their latest single Supernova. Around the traditional squeaky clean styling of the Pop vocals you’re treated to some pretty filthy beats. The dub over the mix dampens the harsh smacks of the 808 beats around the swathes of synthy synergy and that’s before you even get to the build up and drops. It’s not every day you come across a recording artist with a vocal ability to match his beats, but the mix to Supernova provides the perfect platform for Danila to lay down his almost Depeche Mode inspired vocals. Beyond that, the lyricism is also some of the most poignant I’ve heard from this genre!

Supernova definitely isn’t a track which would be out of place on a Tech House playlist even if it does fall loosely under the genre of Melodic Pop. Whatever you want to call Danila’s style, it’s sensational. Supernova was just one of the three tracks from Danila’s latest EP ‘Moonshiner’ which was released in June 2018

You can check out Danila’s latest anthemic drop Supernova on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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