Daniel Dorman – A Better Man: Heart-Hollowing Acoustic Rock

If Daniel Dorman’s latest single A Better Man doesn’t move you in the slightest, you may very well be dead inside. Right from the first verse hearing that crippling self-doubt and apathy pouring through his lyrics was almost a heart-breaking experience. Whether it’s true to experience or not A Better Man is sharp enough to bring a tear to your eye. His stripped back Acoustic Rock styling sets the perfect pensive tone for Daniel to lay down his resoundingly sonorous vocals which project some of the most evocative lyrics I’ve heard recorded since the Manic Street Preaches released their iconic record the Holy Bible. As melancholic as Daniel’s soundscape are, there are still uplifting layers written somewhere into the melody. It doesn’t quite seem right to dissect something so perfect as A Better Man, it’s one of those rare tracks that go completely beyond just an aural offering, the sentimentality will hallow out your heart and set up camp there.

Am I over exaggerating? You can check out Daniel Dorman’s latest track A Better Man on Spotify now and find out for yourselves!

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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