D.E.L – YOU: Anime-Inspired Alt Electronica

There are very few artists who approach their soundscapes with the same artistically inclined intellectualism as D.E.L. With little regard for traditional EDM song structures, D.E.L has dared to break the expectations of what a ‘good’ electronica hit should offer. And we’re definitely here for it.

Rather than just combining melodies and harmonies, the up and coming artist blends together components of our culture and reflects the modern times through experimentally colourful electronica. For his debut single “YOU” he infused the surrealism of Japanese Anime into a perfectly polished Future Pop Hit. While YOU kicks off with a slightly archetypal prelude, due to the progressive nature of this track, it’s not long before you’re treading in unknown waters while being enamoured by D.E.L’s daring approach to Electronica

You can check out YOU along with D.E.L’s other singles for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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