D Beez – Money Affair: Chill-Wave R&B-Driven Hip Hop

“Money Affair” is the latest down-tempo single from up and coming R&B Hip Hop artist D Beez. Let’s face it, the majority of Hip Hop tracks aren’t exactly easy to listen to. So, to listen to a fluidly rhythmic chill-wave beat which packs in plenty of lush synth reverb around the rattle and snares of the 808’s was infinitely refreshing. The slow pacing of the track allowed the lyricism to be far more resonant than what you’d come to expect from the genre.

D Beez struck the perfect balance when it came to penning the lyrics of the track, instead of the self-aggrandized bravado or even more irritating, whiny self-indulgent Lyrics, the Boston-based artist created the perfect introspection which came alive through humility and optimism. If there were more artists like B Beez out there, SoundCloud would definitely be a better place. With production from King.Corn, ensuring the beat ran with perfect seamless fluidity, Money Affair

You can check out the latest single by D Beez for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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