Curtzon – Traveller: Cathartically Soulful Acoustic Folk

Curtzon AKA Rachel Coleshill released her latest single Traveller on May 28th, 2018; it’s the kind of track which you ingest as tears threaten to brim in your eyes thanks to the soulfully ethereal vocal harmonies on offer. Curtzon may have somewhat of an archaic style behind her Folk Acoustic melodies, yet they deserve just as much space on the soundwaves of everything else that is produced in bulk these days. I certainly can’t name many other Folk acts meandering into the Neo Classical territory but I can confirm that with her prodigally blissful style Curtzon creates a highly emotive piece which resonates so deeply you’ll almost need a ladder to climb out of the soundscapes once the track concludes.

You can check out Traveller by heading on over to YouTube where you can be bowled over by Curtzon’s cathartically soulful style. Traveller was just one of the resounding tracks from Curtzon’s latest EP ‘Mirrors’

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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