Crystal Balloon – Signal: A Blissfully Melodic Sound That’s Bound to Resound

Signal is the brand-new single from Crystal Balloon, an Alternative Rock Pop group who exude a delightfully unique sound of pure talent. Their angular guitar sounds cut clearly through the Pop melodies that is set up so succinctly by the rest of the band, yet it’s the lyrics that really made me fall in love with this track. The delectably playful lyrics serve as a nod to these talented Welsh young musicians charming personas. The South Wales band’s sound may be even more beautiful than Nicky Wires smile.  There’s not too many bands that manage to capture such a good-vibe feeling within the Alt Indie Rock genre, and If the music video is anything to go by, this band looks electric to witness live.

Signal is the first single off Crystal Balloon’s upcoming debut EP ‘People’ which will be available to download and purchase from March 30th, 2018. They are also touring across England with their new EP! Head on over to Crystal Balloon’s Facebook to find out more about live dates and the EP release!

Check out the official music video to Signal on YouTube now:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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