Lil Leek – Who’s That? Baller Beats

Whilst this 2:11 track is wall to wall in tightly packed lyrics which feverishly flow, no sense followed, and the experience of this track left me thoroughly complexed. On the tenth time of listening to Who’s This? the latest track By Lil Leek, Aka Malik Glover a Hip Hop Rap artist from Lafayette, US I was still perplexed until I listened to his other tracks, and realised just how far Leek needs to come as a Hip Hop artist to be respected.

The sniggering, whooping, and other dubious noises that the artist makes is less than the perfect introduction to a track where you want to be taken seriously, let alone achieve his goal of being great in God’s eyes. Leek may want to refrain from the overly crass lyrics and actual convey some amiable emotion in his music, rather than stick with his current style.

His lyrical ability isn’t in question here, he’s got the talent hidden away under his baller misogynist attitude. The beat supporting his Rap flow is simplistic, and totally gets lost within the mix, the production is less than polished and seems tragically half-assed. There’s enough soulless music out there already. Let’s hope Lil Leek finds his way.

In the meantime, check out the track using the SoundCloud link below:

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