Corina Rose – I Prayed for You: Unrestrained Soul & Unrelenting Rhythm Entwined in a Reggae Soul Jam

Up and coming artists will always set themselves apart from taking the self-aggrandization out of their expression and lacing it with a humble offering of upbeat vibes. Which is exactly what Reggae Jazz Pop artist Corina Rose did with her latest album “Our Love is Freedom”. “I Prayed for You” was just one of the stunningly striking arrangements which unfolds through Reggae-style Jazz acoustic instrumentals with the addition of Corina Rose’s infectiously high-vibe vocal style. The brass entwines with the ska rhythms of the single to carve out ethereal levels of funk that are too inviting to slip into.

You can check out I Prayed for You along with the rest of Corina Rose’s album by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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