Claudio Parrone Jr’s Latest Summer-Soaked Lucid Pop Hit

Claudio Parrone Jr’s latest Pop single ‘Summer Time’ is one of those romantically inclined anthems that will probably make you want to do a little cry if you’re flying solo this summer

Whilst poets may find romanticism in the autumn, there’s no better time for Pop artists to help you fall in love with their soundscapes, but Summer Time is far from your average Pop hit. There’s a lucidity weaved into the mix which incorporates both electronic and acoustic elements. For me, the guitar-driven melodies stole the show, every time they were allowed to come to the front of the mix I was captivated and almost never wanted the instrumental segments to end. But that’s not to say that Claudio Parrone Jr’s dulcetly smooth vocals aren’t as resounding as the beat behind this blissfully cathartic Pop anthem.

Summer Time was released June 23rd, 2018, why not head on over to SoundCloud to check it out?

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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